Kitchen Splashbacks

Inspiring splashbacks to accent your kitchen.

Splashbacks have a simple yet functional purpose in our kitchens by protecting our wall from splashes and staining while using the hob or sink. But, why not be a lot more creative by bringing colour and texture to your kitchen with a stylish splashback? You can choose from a wide variety of materials for your splashbacks depending on your aesthetic requirements.

Whether it’s a metallic stainless steel or a simple and contemporary glass splashback, we can help you find the most ideal option for your kitchen.

Protect your walls

Protect your walls from stains and splashes that occur during everyday cooking and washing-up.

Wide range of colours and styles

Add a colourful splashback to complement your overall design and brighten up your kitchen.


It’s a lot easier to clean a space with a splashback making your kitchen more hygienic.

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