Window and Door Maintenance

New hinges, handles and locks

Keys can get lost, handles become loose and hinges can become stiff and fail. Refurbishing your windows can return them to operate like new.

Realigning and setting of dropped uPVC Doors

Heavily used uPVC doors will eventually start to catch or drop and no longer open or close smoothly. Realigning and setting your door resolves this issue.

Easing and adjusting of stiff windows and doors

Just like heavily used doors, your windows can also fall out of alignment and become difficult to open and close. We can readjust your windows, allowing them to open and close easily once more.

We provide Commercial Glazing Repairs

If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your shop front our specialist team are able to help with all your commercial needs.

Repair of your existing shop front glazing or a new installation we cater for both. All our glass is cut to your specification, or that required by the frame. Toughened and/or laminated safety glass is also available, this is useful for many safety and security purposes.

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